Our Approach

We believe that combining our in depth experience with high emotional intelligence is critical to providing the very best family law advice to our clients. At the core of our practice is a commitment to utilising intellectual and emotional intelligence to obtain the very best outcome for our clients. This ensures that our clients not only receive the highest quality advice and service but also the appropriate depth of emotional analysis to ensure that all relevant factors, not only the legal aspects, are fully taken into account in determining the correct strategy for the client.

We utilise intellectual and emotional intelligence to find solutions for our clients rather than aggressively push for litigation, however, where litigation is necessary or desirable, we robustly protect our client’s interests.

The culture of an independent, niche practice such as ours means that we can restrict the number of clients we take on at any one time to ensure that all our clients receive a focused and highly personalised service. By restricting the number of clients, we can deliver the very best family law advice. We listen and we take the time to understand.

We recognise that many of our clients are likely to be experiencing emotional upset and stress. We work with our clients in a compassionate and collaborative environment so that our clients feel fully supported. We are available to our clients at all times.

Camilla Baldwin was specifically established to provide this level and breadth of service to our clients.