Financial Settlements

We specialise in negotiating substantial and complex financial settlements. Our clients and their assets often have an international dimension. We understand that some clients may be intimidated by what may be complex financial arrangements. We bring sound judgment and strategy together with formidable negotiation skills to advise our clients on the appropriate strategy for reaching financial settlement. Whenever possible we strive to achieve a settlement before the expense of a final hearing in court is incurred.

We are a team of highly financially literate family lawyers. We understand the complex financial arrangements utilised in the modern financial world including complicated remuneration packages and deferred bonus arrangements, as well as international corporate and financial structures and trusts. We have close links with investigative accountants, independent financial advisers and corporate, tax and estate planning lawyers to ensure that every element of a client’s financial affairs is properly addressed.

The approach taken by the courts towards division and quantification of awards is a fast changing area of the law. Large settlements handed down by the Courts in recent years have given London the international reputation of being the “divorce capital of the world” and as a jurisdiction that is favourable to women. Our clients get the benefit of our expert knowledge of this evolving area of family law.

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