Giving back

Camilla’s work in the social sector

Camilla works on pro-bono cases, particularly for women in prison who have issues in relation to seeing their children whilst in prison and when they are released. This is a common and unreported problem. Self-harming and suicide rates are high in women’s prisons because many women in prison are mothers who cannot cope with being wrenched away from their children.

Camilla Baldwin has established a relationship with St Giles Trust. She holds a Child and Family Law clinic approximately once a month at the women’s prison, HMP Send near Woking under the name of Not Beyond Redemption. Camilla was recently interviewed by the Financial Times regarding her work at HMP Send. A link to the article can be found here.

Camilla helps the long term inmates establish contact with their children whilst in prison so that that they can strengthen their family bonds once they leave by way of court applications, as Legal Aid is no longer available for such applications.

Camilla also teaches the long term inmates who induct the new prisoners on the child care options available to them, in respect of which they are often ignorant. This empowers the peers to advise the new inmates on their child care options, rights and responsibilities. The idea of training the senior management team and other relevant staff about this at HMP Send and other prisons is being mooted at present.

If you would like more information regarding the above or would like to donate, a link to the website of Not Beyond Redemption can be found here.